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Who Are We?

Who are we?

Foundation Learning Centre

Foundation Learning Centre was first established in 1981 and is a progressive leader in Community based education, with sites in Narre Warren and Frankston. We are a not-for-profit, community focussed organisation that champions community development through building resilient, connected, and thriving communities.

FLC is a unique, yet diverse organisation, catering for members of our community from birth through to their senior years and consisting of several departments and registrations: Registered Charity (PBI and DGR status), Learn Local Provider, Non School Senior Secondary Provider, RTO, Early Learning Centre, Vogue Hairdressing Academy and Neighbourhood House.

Our current range of services include: Early Intervention and Re-Engagement programs, VCAL, VETDSS, Pre-accredited English classes, Accredited Training, FFS courses, Special Interest courses and social and support groups.

FLC specialises in supporting those members of our community who are the most vulnerable, marginalised and educationally disadvantaged.  Our aim is to provide a safe and engaging learning environment that nurtures and supports the individual journey for each participant.

FLC is rich in history and extremely proud of the meaningful, life changing work we do. Our experienced and passionate team pride themselves on the profound impact FLC has on our community.

FLC is a member of the South East Local Learning & Employment Network (SELLEN), Adult Community Education Victoria (ACEVic), Independent Tertiary Education Council Australia (ITECA), Neighbourhood Houses Victoria, Southern Region of Adult Community and Further Education, and is involved through business activity with the City of Casey, the Victorian Government Department of Education and Training, The Australian Government Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations, the Victorian Registration & Qualifications Authority, the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority.   

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Democratic Statement

Our programs support and promote the principles of Australian democracy, including a commitment to: 

·      Elected Government

·      The Rule of Law

·      Equal Rights for All before the Law

·      Freedom of Religion

·      Freedom of Speech and Association

·      The Values of Openness and Tolerance

A Contributor to Policy Processes

We have expanded as the Organisation has continued to service growing community demands. The breadth of Foundation Learning Centre’s operations has seen the Organisation become renowned as a major provider of education and training and as a contributor to local and state policy processes.

Grass-Roots Community Focus

The most commendable aspect of our history is that we have matured and successfully expanded our operations, whilst maintaining a ‘grass roots’ community focussed philosophical base for informing decision making and activities.

A Not-For-Profit Organisation

We champion community development through education as exemplified by our current range of services which include pre-kindergarten programs, youth programs,  literacy and migrant english, a range of accredited courses, many hobby and special interest courses and groups, and the Neighbourhood House.

What's in a Name?

Since its inception there have been several name changes from Narre Warren Neighbours to Narre Neighbours Inc. to Narre Community Learning Centre Inc to our current trading name, Foundation Learning Centre. This change was instigated in 2019 to reflect a change in culture with a greater emphasis upon the provision of community learning and accredited training programs.

In 2021, our legal name was changed from Narre Community Learning Centre Inc, to Foundation Learning Centre Inc to match our trading name.