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Education and training offered at Foundation Learning Centre

Explore our variety of adult learning courses to see which might ignite your curiosity and take you towards an exciting new career path.

Course types

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Whether you enjoy working with people, caring for animals, learning about the practicalities of running a business or performing hands-on tasks, we have an adult learning course to suit you.

Vocational Courses

Our Vocational Education and Training (VET) courses offer a dynamic pathway if you want to develop practical skills and industry-specific knowledge to excel in your chosen career fields. These courses, designed to bridge the gap between higher education and the workforce, provide hands-on training and valuable experience tailored to various industries including hairdressing, business and animal care.

Short Courses

Elevate your career prospects with our range of courses tailored to meet the demands of workplace. Whether you are eager to enhance your existing skill set or embark on a journey of learning from scratch, our offerings strike the perfect balance between relevance and accessibility. Improve your skills in business technology, or enhance your customer service skills through our range of shot courses.

Community Courses

Discover the beating heart of our organisation. We welcome you to explore our diverse array of skill-building workshops, engaging community groups, improve your English language skills, and prepare for entering the workforce. As a dedicated Learn Local provider, we are committed to fostering a supportive environment where individuals of all backgrounds can thrive and unlock their full potential. Join us on a journey of lifelong learning and community connection.

Early Intervention & Re-Engagement

Our Early Intervention & Re-Engagement programs programs have been developed to provide education opportunities and support to students who are at risk of disengagement from secondary school. These programs help students reconnect with learning, building skills such as resilience, job readiness, independence, goal setting and building educational confidence. The goal is to help students rediscover their passion for learning and integrate back into education before they become disengaged. These courses provide students with a number of pathway opportunities including back into mainstream school, on to other secondary education opportunities or into the workforce.

VET in Schools (VETDSS)

Step into the future of education with VETDSS (Vocational Education and Training in Schools), where students embark on a transformative journey of practical learning and skill development. Seamlessly integrated into the school curriculum, VETDSS offers a dynamic platform for students to explore diverse career pathways and gain hands-on experience in their chosen fields. Through industry-relevant courses and real-world training opportunities, students not only acquire valuable skills but also graduate with a competitive edge in today’s job market. Join us in shaping the next generation of skilled professionals with VETDSS.

Young Parents Education Program

Our Young Parents Education Program has been developed to provide pregnant and parenting teenagers with the opportunity to complete their senior secondary education in a supportive, flexible environment. With a dedicated team of teaching and support staff, the YPEP program is designed to not only provide students with knowledge and skills across a wide range of standard curriculum covering literacy, numeracy, work related skills and personal development but also includes baby and parenting related topics, incursions, speakers and discussions to ensure that students have the best foundation to begin, or continue, their parenting journey.


Read through our answers to the our most commonly asked questions below. If you need more information, get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

You may be eligible for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) in the event that you have already completed units that appear within the course. Students who wish to claim RPL must provide documentation to support the claim.

Courses are designed to help each student buiild the skills required to gain employment. Depending on what kind of job you are seeking, you might be ready for employment at the conclusion of the course, or you might like to deepen your qualification by pursuing a higher certificate.

This is possible for some courses, but not all. Please call us to check whether this is an option for your course of interest.

Please refer to our Refund Policy for our full refund policy, as it depends on what kind of course you have enrolled in.

Most courses require you to enrol well in advance to secure a place. For more information please call us to check.

Funding eligibility will be discussed as part of your pre-training interview and is determined by a range of factors. We always do our best to ensure students who need funding to enrol in or complete a course are able to access it.

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