Our History

Who are we?

Foundation Learning Centre

Foundation Learning Centre (FLC) is a progressive leader in Community Education the Southern Metropolitan Region of Melbourne.  FLC is a Learn Local, Non School Secondary Provider, RTO and Neighbourhood House.




Foundation Learning Centre is a not-for-profit organisation that champions community development through education. Our current range of services include pre-kindergarten programs, youth programs for years 9 to 12, literacy and migrant english, a range of accredited courses, many hobby and special interest courses and groups and the Neighbourhood House.

Our History

Foundation Learning Centre (formerly NCLC) is a community based education and human services organisation based in Narre Warren, 38 kilometres south-east of Melbourne.

The Centre was established in December 1981 under the title of Narre Neighbours.

The organisation was created in response to local community need, particularly among women, for enhanced opportunities for socialisation within a remote suburban setting.

In 1982 as Narre Community Learning Centre it had 35 enrolled students, at one campus site and a budget of $2,000. Today, it has approximately 2,200 enrolments, 2 sites and an operational budget in excess of $1.6 million.


A Contributor to Policy Processes

We have expanded as the organisation has continued to service growing community demands. The breadth of Foundation’s operations has seen the organisation become renowned as a major provider of education and training and as a contributor to local and state policy processes.

Grass-Roots Community Focus

The most commendable aspect of our history is that we have matured and successfully expanded our operations, whilst maintaining a ‘grass roots’ community focussed philosophical base for informing decision making and activities.

A Not-For-Profit Organisation

We champion community development through education as exemplified by our current range of services which include pre-kindergarten programs, youth programs,  literacy and migrant english, a range of accredited courses, many hobby and special interest courses and groups, and the Neighbourhood House.

What's in a Name?

Since its inception there have been several name changes from Narre Warren Neighbours to Narre Neighbours Inc. to Narre Community Learning Centre to its current title, Foundation Learning Centre. This latest change was instigated in 2019 to  reflect a change in culture with a greater emphasis upon the provision of community learning and accredited training programs.

Fun Fact

Narre Community Learning Centre managed an historic venue in Berwick, the Old Cheese Factory, for the City of Casey from 1 March 1999 until 30 June 2011, when management reverted to the City of Casey.