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NDIS: Working Successfully in the Care & Support Industry
Community Courses


Offsite, Peninsula Campus
Short Course


Young Parents Education Program – PENINSULA
Young Parents Programs

The YPEP program provides pregnant and parenting students with the opportunity to complete their education in a supportive, flexible environment that is designed to allow students to bring their babies to class with them.

Peninsula Campus
4 Days Per Week


The SEED Program
Early Intervention & Re-Engagement

The SEED name stands for Successful Education & Employment Development, and represents the growth of the students who undertake this program. The SEED Program has a focus on building vocational skills to help students successfully reach their future education and employment goals.

Casey Campus, Peninsula Campus
1 day per week


The RISE Program
Early Intervention & Re-Engagement

Specifically developed to support young people ages 13 - 16 who are disengaged from education, this program will work with students to help them develop the skills and knowledge needed to thrive.

Casey Campus, Peninsula Campus
4 days per week


Victorian Pathways Certificate
Youth Education

This course is delivered by Foundation College, FLC's Independent School. The Victorian Pathways Certificate (VPC) is an inclusive, flexible option designed for students who may not be able or ready to complete the VCE or VCE VM. This course provides students with curriculum that is enriching and engaging and supports students in developing the skills, capabilities and qualities for educational and personal success.

Casey Campus, Peninsula Campus
Full Time, at least 12 months


VCE Vocational Major
Youth Education

This course is delivered by Foundation College, FLC's Independent School. The VCE Vocational Major has been designed to give young people a greater choice and flexibility to pursue their strengths and interests and develop the skills and capabilities needed to succeed in further education, work and life.

Casey Campus, Peninsula Campus
Full Time, 2 years


Certificate II in Retail Services
VET Qualifications

The Certificate II in Retail Services is designed to equip students with the essential skills, knowledge, and attitude required to thrive in a retail workplace setting. Throughout the course, students will gain confidence and develop practical work skills that are highly valued by employers within the retail sector.

Casey Campus, Peninsula Campus


Certificate II in Workplace Skills
VET Qualifications

Prepare yourself for the workplace with our comprehensive business fundamentals program designed to equip you with the practical skills, knowledge, and software proficiency necessary for entry-level business administration roles.

Casey Campus, Peninsula Campus


Certificate II in Community Services
VET Qualifications

This comprehensive qualification equips you with the practical skills and knowledge essential for active engagement within the community services industry. You'll learn to identify community needs, and help strategically plan and implement services and facilities to address them effectively.

Casey Campus, Peninsula Campus


Certificate III in Hairdressing
VET Qualifications

Embark on a thrilling journey towards becoming a skilled and sought-after hairdresser and stylist through our nationally accredited Certificate III in Hairdressing. This comprehensive program equips you with the expertise to master the art of cutting, coloring, and crafting styles that will captivate your clients.

Casey Campus, Peninsula Campus
Full time, up to 24 months

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