Supercharge your business skills with the Certificate III in Business!

BSB30120 Certificate III in Business

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BSB30120 Certificate III in Business

Supercharge your business skills!

This certificate is available as a Australian Traineeship or as an Adult learner.

If you want to enhance your business knowledge and skills, then the
Certificate III in Business is a great qualification for you. This general,
entry level qualification will explore a range of day-to-day skills used in
the dynamic and exciting world of business. You will learn a broad range
of skills that can be applied in a business context across different
industry sectors and teams

Ideal for those who are looking to take on more responsibility in the workplace, this course helps build valuable skills in both customer service and IT.

Through this course you will learn to:

  • Produce documents for use both internally and externally
  • Foster a diverse, innovative and inclusive team environment
  • Communicate with customers in a range of circumstances

You will also learn important skills like:

  • How to understand and adhere to Workplace Health & Safety laws
  • Improving workplace processes and systems
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BSBCRT311Apply critical thinking skills in a team environmentCore
BSBPEF201Support personal wellbeing in the workplaceCore
BSBSUS211Participate in sustainable work practicesCore
BSBTWK301Use inclusive work practices Core
BSBWHS311Assist with maintaining workplace safetyCore
BSBXCM301Engage in workplace communicationCore
BSBPUEF202Plan and apply time managementElective
BSBOPS305Process customer complaintsElective
BSBTEC301Design and produce business documentsElective
BSBPEF301Organise personal work prioritiesElective
BSBOPS304Deliver and monitor a service to customersElective
BSBWRT311Write simple documentsElective
SIRXCEG002Assist with customer difficultiesElective

*FLC can change elective units to suit industry requirements

The delivery of the Certificate III in Business is individualised and tailored to meet the needs of each individual student. Prior to commencement, students will sit down with our team to discuss how best they learn and to setup their individual learning plan.

Delivery of this course will be via a range of modes including online, face-to-face, one-on-one and individual learning.

Trainees will also have monthly workplace visits.

Onsite classes will be select Fridays, 9.00am – 2.00pm

Students completing this course can continue on to BSB40215 Certificate IV in Business or undertake work within a professional business environment.


TOTAL STUDENT PAYMENT$2482.50 $1997.50$639.50
Student Tuition Cost Per Hour$4.50 p/h$3.50 p/h$0.70 p/h
Nominal Course Hours485485485
Government ContributionN/A$4.50 p/h$11.16 p/h
Payable HoursN/A485485
Total Government Funding Contribution – 485 hoursN/A$2182.50$5412.60
TOTAL STUDENT PAYMENT$4422.50 $1997.50$639.50
Student Tuition Cost Per Hour$8.50 p/h$3.50 p/h$0.70 p/h
Nominal Course Hours485485485
Government ContributionN/A$8.50 p/h$11.96 p/h
Payable HoursN/A485485
Total Government Funding Contribution – 465 hoursN/A$4122.50$5800.60

Course & Fee Terms and Conditions
Fees are current as of July 2023.
The delivery mode for all courses at Foundation Learning Centre is via face-to-face and a mix of flexible remote or online learning unless listed otherwise. Face-to-face is delivered onsite at 1 Malcolm Court, Narre Warren. Student tuition and materials fees as published are subject to change given an individuals circumstances at enrolment. To be eligible for a concession amount, a valid concession card must be produced at the time of enrolment.
*Approximate Government contribution to Foundation Learning Centre per eligible funded student per contract hour.


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