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The SEED Program

The SEED Program

Foundation Learning Centre

This work ready program gives Year 9 and Year 10 students the opportunity to attend FLC 1 day per week to undertake a specially tailored program with a focus on building skills to help them pursue their goals in education or work.

The SEED name stands for Successful Education & Employment Development, and represents the growth of the students who undertake this program.

Foundation Learning Centre has worked in partnerships with local Secondary providers to successfully facilitate Youth Programs for over 15 years. Previously known as PreCAL, our SEED Program caters to a variety of students with different requirements as well as collectively meeting the needs of the individual, class, and the Home school.

Our SEED Program primarily focuses on maintaining engagement, independent skills building and positive personal development, work readiness, aiding students with the tools, experiences, and qualifications to pursue their goals post program confidently and competently.

Our SEED Program is designed to deliver the qualifications with creative and practical curriculum including activities, incursions, and excursions to keep students engaged and achieving outcomes.

Enrolment in the The SEED Program is initiated by a student’s home school. Interested students can contact their home school to enquire about their schools participation and interested schools can contact SEED Program Coordinator, Nic Millwood on 09 9704 7388 or to discuss partnering with FLC.

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