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Computer, Business & Employment Skills

Computer, Business & Employment Skills

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These courses are ideal for those looking to build skills for the workplace, or build on existing knowledge.

With a focus on technology and customer service, these courses are suitable for those with existing skills, or beginners.

Build Your Admin & Business Skills: Office & Customer Service


This course has been developed for people who want to refresh their office, administration and business skills.

It is suitable for those retraining or looking to change their career path as well as those entering the workforce for the first time.

Areas covered include:

• File Management: electronic and manual

• Email & Calendar Management

• Current Terminology

• Update & refresher on Google Workspaces and MS Office

• All things CANVA

Sessions:   9 sessions

Date:          Tuesdays
                     10th October – 12th December
                     *no class on Melbourne Cup Day

Time:          6.00pm – 8.00pm

Cost:           $45.00 (Full Fee) 
                     $35.00 (Concession)

How To Find Your Perfect Job Role

This course is designed for people who want to develop entry level office skills. It is suitable for those entering the workforce, retraining, and those who are changing their career path. Ideal for administration work and small business.

Understand and be trained at an introductory level in the following skills: 

• File management – electronic & manual 

• Occupational Health & Safety (OHS)

 • Proofreading

• Email – composition & attachments 

• Email & calendar management 

• Productivity

• Computer terminology 

• Computer shortcuts

• Meetings & taking minutes 

• All things CANVA

• Preparing CV and cover letter

This course isn’t available at the moment, please check back next term!

Computer Skills

This introductory course will give you the
confidence to use a computer or laptop in a supportive and secure environment.
Information covered will include Introduction to Computers, touch typing, saving and storing information, email, google search, an introduction to using social media and staying safe online.

This course has face-to-face and online class options. 

Sessions:   8 sessions

Date:           Tuesdays
                     10th October – 5th December
                      *no class on Melbourne Cup Day

Time:           4.00 -6.00pm (face-to-face)                   

Cost:           $40.00 (Full Fee) 
                     $30.00 (Concession) 

Introduction to MS Excel & Word

This entry level course will give you the confidence to use Word and Excel in workplace and volunteering scenarios.
Whether you are looking for work, upskilling for your job or simply needing the skills for everyday life, this hands on course uses simulated workplace tasks to help build skills and knowledge in a
supportive environment.


Sessions:   9 sessions

Date:           Thursdays
                     5th October – 7th December

Time:          4.30pm to 6.30pm

Cost:           $45.00 (Full Fee) 
                     $35.00 (Concession)                     

MS Excel Level 2

In this intermediate course, you will expand your knowledge of Excel and learn how to create more productive workbooks by creating complex formulas, formatting charts, applying borders, using number formatting techniques and conditional formatting, and working with tables. In order to take this course, it is recommended that you have knowledge of Excel Level 1.

This course isn’t available at the moment, please check back next term!

Computers For Beginners

Spreadsheet Marketing Budget Report File Concept

You can start learning computer skills at beginners’ level, such as: 

Turning the computer on and off and logging on, using the keyboard, typing short documents, and making changes to them using Microsoft Word

Classes are taught based on the learners’ needs.

Sessions:  Runs weekly

Date:          Fridays
                    6th October – 9th December

Time:         12.30 – 2.30pm

Cost:          FREE TUITION
                    $10 registration fee

This course is run from the Cranbourne West Community Hub at 4 Flicka Blvd, Cranbourne West.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams has become the hub for collaboration and communication that integrates people, content and tools your team needs to be more engaged and effective.

Through this training you will understand what Microsoft Teams is, how to create and manage teams, how to start and engage in chat and schedule and participate in meetings. 

This course isn’t available at the moment, please check back next term!

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